Scrivener, Day 8

A week into using Scrivener, and I’ve figured out how to get it to do most of the things I want it to do. I’ve loaded Dreaming Death into it (along with the new proposal part), and divided the mss up into scenes, then grouped those scenes by which day they occur on.  Then I input a synopsis for each scene, probably the function of Scrivener that will be the most useful for me.

In the screenshot below, I’ve compiled scenes from two days, color-coded by POV character. The first thing this allows me to do is get my playing field leveled between my characters. (Teal and pink should be about even, yellow is less frequent.)







In addition, I can view these as an outline, and even print out an outline of the book that combines those synopses. The outline function also includes the ‘POV’ colors, and has a separate column for ‘Status’, where I’m starting to put in whether a scene should be rewritten or dumped.







Another capacity of Scrivener is that it allows me to attach other types of files to this document. For a start, I’ve uploaded all the ‘character’ pictures I used for this book (see Eli below). At this point, I’m not sure how helpful this will be. I suspect it would be more helpful where I have a lot of historical research I could attach to the file, but this book isn’t historical, and thus at this time all I have uploaded is the pictures of the people.  I do, however, suspect that I will be including some photos of other things, such as maps, room layouts, and items like furniture. (How many times did I have to go back and try to find my map of the Ferreira front sitting room?)


So although I haven’t been using this long, I do think it will be useful in formative stages of writing.

Unfortunately, it can’t help me remember that phone conversation with my editor that led me to decide to dump a character. Now I can’t remember why I did that, and I think I need to undo it. This is why I always prefer email conversations….I can go back and look at them!


3 thoughts on “Scrivener, Day 8

  1. I still think we need that 72″ touch monitor / TV so that you can easily move those virtual notes around. a la Castle. Okay, maybe 48″.

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