Some random updates

Corset: 3rd week underway. Still keeping on, but with my efforts to exercise more, it’s difficult to get in 12 hours. I’m willing to cut the hours  back, though. Poor women who had no choice but to exercise while wearing one of these….which offers an explanation for those long long walks. I also have to wonder how comfortable this would be while riding a horse.  Hmmm….

Scrivener: After several days, I’m learning work-arounds for some of the Word functions that I lack, although the missing synonym finder is the one I still miss most. I’m in the process of using Scrivener to outline Dreaming Death,  which I think will be its greatest use for me. My outlines are really important.

Gardening: I had several things die over winter, things that usually survive our winters here (my agastache, my cannas, and several of my gauras, for example). I still need to replace a few hawthorns, but we’ve dropped back into low 60s highs (after several days near 100.)  I wish we could have an ‘average’ year.

Speaking out the out-of-doors, I recently had to stop taking the allergy spray that I’ve been loving so much, but the side effects became too much to put up with. So now I’m back to Tavist, and am sleepy in the morning.  Put this together with the cold weather, and all I want to do is crawl back in bed.







4 thoughts on “Some random updates

  1. Women who rode wore specialized corsets. I believe they were either shorter, had more widely gusseted hips, or one extant example was corded instead of boned. Not that that helps you with yours, sadly!

    1. I’ll just eschew the riding for now ;o)

      (I was wondering if -shorter- would be the solution. I would think that something that didn’t go much below the waist would allow the freedom needed to keep the hips moving. Also, I’ve never ridden side-saddle, so I’m not sure how much you move your hips when you do so…)

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