Corset, Day 12

After about 6 days, I noticed that my corset had reached the ‘comfortable’ point. The fabric has eased around the bones, making it conform more to my shape, and therefore it simply fits better. Also, the busk isn’t as stiff as it was at first. I can now put the corset on or take it off in about 30 seconds. It’s easy now, and the busk no longer digs in anywhere.

As far as wearing it 12 hours a day goes, this isn’t hard except for Tuesdays, which is yoga day and puts a big 2-3 hour gap in the middle of the day. Today I’ll do some gardening, which also poses problems. I wore the corset when trimming the hedge, but that was a ‘standing’ chore. For planting (which is what I have for the next few days), I prefer not to wear it. Also, planting tends to be a sweaty and dirty job, and since the corset can’t be washed, I’d rather not involve it…

The suppression of appetite is still there, which is interesting. I can’t complain about that, since it makes watching what I eat SO much easier.

I’m beginning to think that I will continue to wear it after May, but only when I’m working. One place where I notice being uncomfortable is in the car…especially when getting in and out. The corset makes me sit up straighter and thus I occasionally bump my head getting in or out of the car. 😦

There are also a couple of pairs of pants I wear that fit too closely to work well going over the bottom of the corset. Yes, I need to lose weight, but this is also a factor of the style of the pants.

And finally, I survived the week with temps in the upper 90s, although I will point out that I spent much of the time inside in the air conditioned house. I wasn’t walking across the prairie with a wagon train. But, being a desert girl, I have never been as sensitive to heat as I am to cold, so the tolerance may not be the same for some other person.

Two weeks to go. We’ll see if I become ‘hysterical’ between now and then.

3 thoughts on “Corset, Day 12

      1. Well, no, because part of being a good hausfrau is going out and getting the groceries and dry cleaning. I think you know my solution to your corset + getting in and out of the vehicle…

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