Out of Portugal….

There it is…four years of research books, CDs, and maps…and that’s not all of it. There’s more on my kindle, a binder full of things I’ve printed off websites, pages and pages of internet bookmarks, the Baedeker…

Yesterday I sent Book 3 (The Shores of Spain) to my editor. Yes, I’ll still have to do edits, but from here on out, I’m working on a second-world novel, one which has nothing to do with Portugal, Spain, sereia, or selkies.

This really hasn’t hit me yet.

I sorted out the books today and are taking about a dozen of those to the library for the library sale. Others went back on the shelf. The Eça de Queiros novels are going on the big bookshelves downstairs…just for pleasure-reading now. The language CDs I’m keeping for the next visit to Portugal/Spain. The antique maps I’m keeping. Because I like them…no more reason than that.

Yes, I’m turning around and leaving this world behind. Kind of like college graduation, where I wonder if I’ll ever see any of these people again…


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