Corset, Day 1

OK, not exactly Day 1, but that will take some explaining.

Here’s what I’m up to: I plan to wear a corset all day long (by which I mean about 12 hours) for the next four weeks save for when I’m gardening or exercising.*
Photo from Orchard Corset. That is definitely NOT me. I’m not going to post pics of me in my undergarments.
Why on Earth would I do that?
1) Research–there’s nothing like wearing a corset to know how you should write someone who wears one.

2) Posture–this started when I was working toward the deadline for book three, and noticed how I was hunching over the computer. As I’m a mature woman with neck issues, that’s a BAD thing. So I purchased an elastic lumbar support with boning (via Footsmart) to help with my posture. It was intended mostly to remind me to sit up straight. The moment I started hunching, it would dig in to my ribs….and I would sit up. This works pretty well except that once the elastic digs in, it stays dug in and after a while that’s really uncomfortable, forcing me to get up and re-arrange the whole thing.

Then one day I thought….hey, a corset wouldn’t bunch up in the front…and they don’t cost much more than the lumbar support…and…

3) Appetite–this was the part that surprised me. I stumbled across this article, I had this strange moment of going…Oh! That’s exactly what I’m experiencing.

“…Chrisman says the one thing she can’t do while wearing a corset is put down a big meal like she once enjoyed. Since the stomach can’t bloat with expansion, one feels full, faster. And yet this discovery became a pivotal turning point for Chrisman, who always refused to diet, though still battled the body image fight that so many women, regardless of size, often do.”

What I’d noticed was that when I wore the lumbar support, I had virtually no cravings for food. In fact, yesterday I was having my afternoon snack of 12 nut-thin crackers and a piece of cheese, and ended up putting some of the crackers back in the bag because I had the strange experience of ‘it’s just too much trouble to eat these…’

Seriously? Who thinks that? It’s something that I don’t recall crossing my mind before. Ever.


So, given all the above, I thought, why not give it a try?

I ordered the underbust corset pictured above and it arrived yesterday morning. As soon as it did, I took of the lumber support and put that puppy on and wore it until 8PM.

People who wear corsets will tell you that they’re surprisingly comfortable. This one was, and provided a nice feeling of a hug around my rib cage. The -only- thing that wasn’t very comfortable was sitting back on the couch. When you lounge, the corset digs in a bit—not into the body areas that are compressed, but to the areas next to those.  (This is why women in corsets sit on chairs most of the time.)

So this morning, after having spent a couple of hours lounging on a couch, my armpits feel a bit sore. No, the boning of the corset didn’t dig into my armpits. Instead it shoved my excess flesh that direction (no more clarification will be given.) Oddly, this isn’t much different than after a day of wearing a minimizer bra, so…no heartburn.


But today is day two, and Tuesday, which means Yoga Class…and I certainly won’t wear the corset for that. I’ll clean up after class and put it on afterward.

Anyhow, if you see me posting about this over the next month (leading up to Memorial Day), that’s what I’m doing. Wish me luck, and sanity!!!

*I will, of course, stop wearing the corset if I notice any issues with my bum neck or my shoulders. Health of my spine takes precedence over everything else!


2 thoughts on “Corset, Day 1

  1. Fascinating. I have a couple of corset-type clothing items, one that goes with a pirate outfit and might not be worthy of the name. I have always found them much more comfortable than I’d have believed before trying them.

    I’m intrigued by your project, and will be following along as it progresses!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Yes, I thought the same before I purchased my first corset. However, I’ve only worn that one for a handful of hours at a time….which is not like all day, so there will be a difference…

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