No accounting for tastes…

It’s no secret that I love Pacific Rim with a white-hot passion. I’m aware that the physics in this movie is…lacking in accuracy, and there are some largish plot holes. Yet I could watch it over and over and over.


At the same time, I find Game of Thrones un-watchable. I don’t do bleak. I watch TV/Movies to escape, to have fun, not to be sickened, saddened, and depressed.

But that’s the way the story-telling world works. Different people are out there searching for different things. Some people like horror. Some like comedy. Some are after Deep Meaning (I’m not, which suggests that I’m a rather shallow person.)

All that said, I’ve tried watching several series that my friends have recommended, only to have them fall flat for me.

Person of Interest is one of those. I think the problem for me is the weird combination of Jim Caviezel (whom I like in almost everything else) and the guy who plays an adult Brick Heck (also known as Mr. Finch.) For me it’s just not working, and although we’ve purchased the first season, I probably won’t buy the second.

I also struggle with Battlestar Galactica. We’ve seen about half of season one, and I just don’t care if most of those people are just shot out of the sky. The -only- character I care about at this point is Helo, which is pretty sad. The ‘bleak’ of that show really drags it down for me. (I was a rabid watcher of the original series in Jr. High, but it wasn’t nearly so depressing.)

Most of the series I might actually watch (Castle, Elementary, Bletchley Circle) are on past my bed-time, and I’m a big believer in getting my sleep on a regular schedule. And with Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human on hiatus, there’s now nothing for me to watch except BBT and Father Brown Mysteries.

It’s a puzzlement…I guess I should just go write instead.

2 thoughts on “No accounting for tastes…

  1. I’m with you. I ADORED Pacific Rim. Cannot figure out why it wasn’t a smash hit! I especially loved the relationship between the ‘father and daughter’. And the effects were rockin’! I haven’t been brave enough to try Games of Thrones for the reason you mentioned. For me, now that Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, and Justified are done/on haitus, all I got is the 24 reprise on May 5th. It’s slim pickins’ out there!

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