Why I’m not online a lot….

With apologies to those of you north of Oklahoma…

According to Accuweather’s month forecast, we’ve had our last freeze. I’ve no doubt we’ll have another one or two, but it looks like -hard- freezes are done with. My yard agrees. That means that it’s time to start the annual clean out and hedge trimming. This will take up all my time outside writing, I suspect, so if I’m even more scarce around here for a while, please be forgiving. The yard is, like my deadline but not my housecleaning, time sensitive.

The crocus have been in bloom for a couple of weeks now.

The quince is budding (as are the lilacs and the sweet almond.)

The surprise lilies are sending up straps.

The first hollyhocks are coming up.

The daylilies are visible once you pull off their winter beards.

And for no reason, here’s a pic of Alwyn sucking face with a peanut butter jar.


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