Back from the con…

Got back from ConDFW, which was lovely. I met some new people there, and got to talk to other authors, which is always a blast.

The con was, BTW, very well organized and everything seemed to run smoothly. I’d love to go back again next year ;o)

Today is my down day.

I always plan a non-busy day for right after a con. I find cons mentally stressful, both because I’m socializing, but also because I’m forced to be out of my routine. Not everyone feels that way, but that’s how it works for me.

But I was tired (for one reason or another) going into this con, so I was in less-than-perfect form from the outset. By Saturday afternoon that I noticed I was having trouble paying attention to conversations. (That’s the first thing to go…my audio attention span.) Sunday morning, someone made a joke and, despite recognizing that it was funny, I just didn’t have the energy to laugh.

So yes, recognizing that I was slumping, I took off about noon. There’s no point in being at a con if you’re beyond socializing effectively….

And today the only people I have to socialize with is my husband and my dogs, which is pretty low pressure. ;o)



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