Fencing Again

I filled out an interview for a blog site for March a couple of days ago and ran across an interesting question: Is there anything you find particularly challenging to write?

And as I thought about what I would answer, I had some reflections on books I’ve been reading recently.

In one–a mystery–I found myself very impatient with some parts of the story, usually those parts where the MC is being chased, shot at, beaten up, or is generally running around. I know he’s going to live (he’s the MC), so it’s easy just to skip ahead.

In the other, I’ve been annoyed by a (about 30 pages so far) flashback which shows the history of a particular item. It’s well written, not an infodump, but I found myself wishing we could have just had a two page infodump so I could get back to the characters I’m supposed to care about.

Now I know that for every reader like me, there are just as many who love that part of the story. It’s just not my thing. I’m impatient with anything that takes me away from the specific character interactions I’m interested in.

So in my answer I admitted that those action scenes are the hardest for me to write. Not because the action itself is hard to write, but because I don’t enjoy them. If the scene’s not advancing the plot or developing the character, I tend to want to be a succinct as possible.

Which will be an issue in Dreaming Death if that ever comes out, since the MC fences. I haven’t fenced in a few year now (since my PT suggested that I stop letting people hit me over the head), although I see my instructors at the gym regularly. (My instructor has, BTW, promised to read anything about fencing that I ask her for….so that will help with accuracy.)

So I’ve been considering going back to the fencing studio, mainly to watch, or going to observe the SCA rapier practices (but those are downtown…ugh!) Just to get back into the swing of things…


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