The Russian Novella again….

Now that the proposal’s away, I’m working on the Russian novella for the remainder of the week. (And an author interview).

This is the story of a young widow in 1815 St. Petersburg who travels to her wealthy family’s dacha for the summer (with her father and brother) and there finds what is possibly the most handsome man she’s ever seen working in the estate’s aviary. He’s a bit of a mystery because despite being a farmworker, he seems to be well educated and acquainted with her brother. And he only has one arm…

The initial terrible draft is done, and now I have to try to make some order out of this train wreck. In this version, it tops out at about 32K, and there are lots of secrets that get figured out through the progress of the story. The reader should get them before the main characters do, but it won’t hurt if they don’t.

It’s a combination of ‘what happens after’ for some traditional fairy tales (of course, I can’t say which tales, or that takes out all the surprise.) Anyhow, I’m re-outlining the story. I can already see that the two scenes I marked “BORING” need to go. I wrote them knowing they were blah, but needed to figure out the timeline, so they’re there. Sometimes I have to do that.

I suspect that after I finish it, it will still be around 32K, if not longer. I don’t think there’s much market for a story like that. I’ve put together a mock-up cover, thinking I might decide to publish it online, but the title is TERRIBLE, as most of my titles are.


This is just a messy mock-up, so it’s far from finalized. And don’t worry, I own the art. I may, however, edit out the person. Don’t know. Still thinking about it…

But this will be my world today and tomorrow…

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