Reading Goal, on track so far…

One of the things I decided to do this year was to get back to reading fiction. I read a great deal of non-fiction, but haven’t done well reading fiction in the last year. So I decided to start of easy: I’m rereading some of my favorites. Not only is that easier (because I don’t have to think hard) but it also lets me skim some parts that get tedious for me (fight scenes, for example.)

So far this year I’ve read:
Margaret Miles’ Bracebridge Mysteries:
A Wicked Way to Burn
Too Soon For Flowers
No Rest for the Dove

and A Mischief in the Snow.

I then started into C. S. Harris’ Sebastian St. Cyr novels:
What Angels Fear
When Gods Die
Why Mermaids Sing
Where Serpents Sleep

and What Remains of Heaven.

I still have 3 to go in that series, (and I must confess that I didn’t read the last one in depth), but there’s a new book coming out March 4th which I already have on order, so those will all be fresh in my mind. I hope that I’ll get some closure out of Why Kings Confess…because there are some issues that have been dragging on (including a pregnancy) for the last few books.

BTW, the hero, Sebastian St. Cyr, has the same birthday as me. Hah!

Anyhow, that means I’ve read 9! books in January. Even if they’re rereads, that’s still pretty impressive for me. ;o)


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