Writers Retreat

I spent this last weekend at the Hep Cats Writers Retreat in Norman (OK). I didn’t get all that much writing done, but I did get to bounce ideas off other people (Thanks, Michelle Muenzler!) and talk movies and ideas and writing stuff. And of course, I was mentally exhausted by only a couple of days of talking to people…

Among other things, we talked Alien, Predator, and Terminator movies, and where they should have ended or gone. (Totally a matter of opinion, I know.) Also, it turns out that I’m the only person who watches pro football and, when I see the guys with long dreadlocks running around the field, immediately think of Predators. Huh.

But I think I’ve pretty much worked out my issues for my current proposal, which is what I hoped to do while there.

Now I have to gird my loins and actually get it all written out rather than just lurking in my head.

Anyway, thanks Hep Cats!


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