I’m not talking about moldy stuff; I’m talking about goofy overblown fiction.

Sometimes it really works for me and other times it doesn’t. My two examples for last year were Pacific Rim and Sleepy Hollow. They were, by far, my favorite productions of 2013. I love both with a silly fan-girl passion that I honestly don’t expect other people to share.

Now I can explain Pacific Rim, to some extent. I’ve always loved Godzilla movies (except for that recent one) and I’ve always loved exoskeletons. I did a report on the GE version back in Jr. High in the 70s, the Loaders were my favorite thing about the movie Aliens, and I’ve followed the DARPA-funded developments in that area with interest. So this is a movie that combines monsters, exoskeletons, and Idris Elba. What’s not to like?

Yes, there are some instances of bad science in the movie. Some instances of questionable acting, and a lot of illogical things about the jaegers. (My personal favorite is the jaegers shaking their heads after they fall down…think about that. The pilots are inside the heads…)

The truth is, I don’t care. I can watch that movie over and over and still enjoy it. (I have a tendency to leave a movie in the player and run it in the background while I’m doing housework. PR has been in the machine for about 2 weeks now.) The movie isn’t trying to pass itself off as ‘great theater’. It’s well aware of its cheesiness (witness the Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robot found in the Alaska scene.)

And Sleepy Hollow? It’ more or less the same. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Makes a hash of history. And yet…I do love that show. Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison, and Orlando Jones sell that crazy script like it’s divinely inspired.

(I’ve often commented on FB that the show is like Scooby Doo if all the evil lighthouse keepers really -were- evil.)

Yes, there are a lot of other good shows out there, but none of them ‘speak’ to me the way that these two do.

I wish I could write that stuff, but my writer brain is too serious.


I wish I could write that stuff.

4 thoughts on “Cheese

  1. I love Pacific Rim (and Sleepy Hollow, though it’s a very different kind of suspension of disbelief). The How it Should Have Ended episode sums it up perfectly: One politician says, “We could nuke the monsters.” And the other one says, “Or we could build robots the size of the monsters and watch them fight.” And all the politicians are like, YEAH!

    Pacific Rim is successful because it takes a simple idea that has entertained people for generations and doesn’t overcomplicate it by trying too hard to make it make sense. When you mess too much with a simple idea—and a PROVEN FORMULA, no less— then you get the crap that was Man of Steel.

    1. I think that’s what I’m perceiving as ‘not taking itself too seriously’. Man of Steel did take itself seriously, and ended up being….well, not to my taste, either.

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