New Year in Writing and Reading

The first thing on my table this year is the revision of The Shores of Spain (Book 3). I finished the RD back in early December and then took a few weeks off to do other writing, so I’ve had a few weeks to process it. In the last few days, I went back over the proposal (the first 51 pages) and this morning I wrote 872 words in a new scene (which I should finish this afternoon.). So there is progress.

At some point, the copy edits for The Seat of Magic will arrive, and I will have to put everything aside to reread that and make my last fixes. (I want to catch all the mistakes at this point this time, rather than having a bunch fall into the page proof stage because I wasn’t thorough enough.)

I suspect that after I have The Shores of Spain under my belt, I’ll be working on a rewrite of Dreaming Death. We’ll see.

I’ve started rereading The Maias, a period novel by a Portuguese author, which helps me with setting details. I’m currently skimming back through Monturiol’s Dream, which although it’s about a Submarine Builder, a great deal of the text is also dedicated to Barcelona (and Catalonia) in the mid-to-late 1800s.

And reading for research takes precedence over reading for fun until this draft is turned over, therefore I’m not going to be doing much ‘fun’ reading for a while.

What will you be writing and reading in this new year?

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