Surviving 2013, and Looking Forward

For me 2013 is pretty much over. We’ve already cleaned out the fridge, and I’m currently drying out the last pieces of that loaf of bread to feed to birds (since we’re getting back to strict paleo now–no grains.) Now it’s time to get serious about getting back to my pre-puppy weight, spending less time on Facebook, editing Book 3, and blogging on a schedule.

This was also my ‘debut author’ year: The Year of the Book

I lived. Overall, this has been a lovely experience. My publisher has been wonderful, and the bookstores have been welcoming and supportive. Some readers loved the book, some didn’t. Others completely ignored it. Par for the course, from what I understand.

Being an author has its ups and downs, and unless you can handle the downs, it’s not something you want to try. You put out a book that will still have typos, mistakes, and plot holes. No one writes a perfect book, especially the first time out of the chute. And no matter how hard your editor edits and how much you check and research, things will slip past you (often the ones that are Right Under Your Nose!) So you have to learn to be copacetic about it.

(I mentioned this in my talk back at the DFW Writers Conference…you WILL make mistakes.)

Via Martha Wells, I got to this link today where Jessica Spotswood give her year the title “Learning Year”.

As a brand new writer, I look at her tale and I think that every year is going to be a “learning year”….for the next several years to come. You WANT everything to be perfect, for your work to suddenly become the breakout bestseller. And that doesn’t happen for very many writers. Sales numbers, ebook sales, ice storms….so many things are out of a writer’s control.

En balance, this experience has been good so far. I’m grateful for my excellent agent Lucienne, who believed in my work (and is very patient with my newbie questions) and my editors (Kat S. and Danielle S.) who worked so hard on helping whip my work into shape. And for my husband’s patience and my family’s support.

Thanks to all the readers who were willing to shell out their hard-earned cash to buy a book from an unknown author. I’m grateful you were willing to give me a shot ;o)

And I’m hopeful that next year will be a good one…for us all. Huzzah!


4 thoughts on “Surviving 2013, and Looking Forward

  1. Thankfully if the book is good us readers are willing to overlook, typos and little mistakes. Heck you can read the classics and still find little mistakes! It was wonderful – keep up the motivation and I hope that they’ll pick up book 3!! “pre-puppy weight?”

    1. Aw, thanks! (When we adopted two terriers three years ago, I had to watch them ALL the time because they were quite destructive, so without my normal exercize–and working in the kitchen all day long–I packed on about 20 pounds over six months. Since then I’ve been struggling to get rid of it!)

      1. I know how it is to have those hanger on pounds! I just lost 20 pounds in 35 days! – the last of what was left from my pregnancy! Because I blew up I tell you I had gained 65 when I got preggers. The diet was super restrictive but hey it totally worked! So I’m rooting for you – you can do it! (Omnitrition is what the one I used is called).

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