The end is coming…

Weird Things that Authors Do: I’ve pretty much done all of these except the smoking.

17 is sadly true. So true. No matter how well a book is received, it always comes down to “what have you written lately?”

Yesterday I sent the dogs to daycare (which smelled weirdly funky, I suspect due to closed doors and full capacity) and got a lot of manual labor tasks done. Today I’m tackling a lot of computer tasks.

Today I also officially get back to work on Book 3. In my off time I’ve finished two RDs of novellas, read through a couple of older novels (I so love Devil in the Details…sighs), and generally given some thought to where Book 3 is going and how to tie up all the trilogy loose ends. Productive, even if not in terms of wordcount.

And finally, as the year end approaches, a couple of quick reminders.
1) Make a few back-ups of everything, and remember to store one OFF-SITE. (Leave a CD at your work, your brother’s house, somewhere. I am not a truster of the cloud, BTW.)

2) Change all your passwords. If you’re going to write them down somewhere, lock up that list.


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