Writer Confession #4

I don’t game.

No, seriously. I have never in my life played a LARP or an MMORPG. I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons. I played the first level of ZORK once. That’s my total RPG resume.

Now as a kid, I did play my share of Monopoly. We had Battleship, and I played Chess and Backgammon with my dad. Normal kid stuff. Dominoes (42), Card Games (Spades, usually, and Arkansas Stuff).

But left to my own devices as an adult, I have only one board game (chess)* and I haven’t played that in years. I have Solitaire on my computer, as well as Mah Jonng, which I play on rare occasions.

A LOT of my friends are pretty hard core gamers. Some of them write for games. I have nothing against them. But if they invite me to play, I’d rather sit back and watch other people play.

This simply isn’t a way that it occurs to me to spend time.

*I have played Scrabble once, with a student. I won, so I will never play again so that my Scrabble record will remain perfect.

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