Publication Process: More Edits–and other stuff

I just sent in my most recent round of edits to my editor. They were edits for The Golden City.

Wait!, you say, That’s already published!

I thought the same. But -this- was a round of edits between the Trade Paperback and the Mass Market version that comes out in June ’14.

And there were errors. I asked for readers to tell me if they’ve seen any errors, and I did hear back from one. (There was a sentence that had ‘on’ where it needed ‘in’….Thanks, Rosemary!)

There was also a word that looked like it had a space in the middle, a word that got left out of an italics group, a couple of places where the English word was used rather than the Portuguese, and one place where I’d made a continuity error. One sentence that was clearly anachronistic. All in all, 10 tiny changes will occur between the Trade and the MM.

I would like to believe that one day I will turn in a manuscript that has NO errors. The Golden City was clearly not that manuscript. I shall just have to try harder on the next.

Also, it’s really hard not to change things. (At this point, it’s better not to mess with the typesetting too much, so you have to hold yourself back.) But I noted in two places that Duilio’s waistcoat was forgotten. In one scene he undressed and I didn’t mention his waistcoat in that process–it just kinda disappeared the way they do in romance novels. In another scene, I don’t have him wearing one (it’s almost buyable since he’s out on a boat, but not really.) Yeesh!

The real question? How could I have missed that in the gazillion earlier edit passes????

::headdesk:: ::headdesk::

Anyhow, I know no book will ever be perfect, but I try….I try….


In other news, I’m running another giveaway on Goodreads.
This one is open to US, UK, Canada, Australia, Portugal, and Brazil. Weirdly, the last time I did one worldwide, not a single winner was from outside the US. This makes me suspect I entered it incorrectly. I hope I got it right this time.

Also, SFSignal put up a list of books that deserve more attention at the Mind Meld, which includes The Golden City (and Martha Well’s excellentThe Cloud Roads too, among many others.)

Finally, I wanted to note here that I’m part of an author group called Novelocity. (Lawrence M. Schoen, Beth Cato, J.Kathleen Cheney, M.K. Hutchins, Elaine Isaak, Michael R. Underwood, Steve Bein, Fran Wilde, Tex Thompson, & Tina Connolly)

We’ve all got books coming out this next year. At this point, we’re not posting anything (we start Jan 1) but if you’re interested in following us, you can find us at:

Our Nascent Website
Our Empty Facebook
And Our Blank Twitter Feed


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