Where I Am Today:

I’m spread rather thin today:

My essay over at the Penguin blog: Historical Fantasy, or Why I Altered Your History
(There’s also a link to an excert from the novel there!)

I’m interviewed over at Rebecca Roland’s Blog.

I’m this week’s guest over at Eating Authors on Lawrence M. Schoen’s Blog where I talk about oranges and camels.

And I’m reviewed this week at Writer Tamago, the blog of Catherine Schaff-Stump.

Thanks everyone for hosting me. I really appreciate all the support (and thanks to the readers who go visit!)


2 thoughts on “Where I Am Today:

  1. Awesome guest post over at Lawrence’s blog. Good, or at least interesting, memories. I still remember Sam’s look of bemusement when asked if the orange was for us or for the camels. I often wonder how our camels are doing these days. Wally was sweet. Sir Wobbles, not so much.

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