Care and Feeding of the Debut Author -5

That’s 5 -full- days to go, although when I count on my fingers I keep coming up with 6 days until next Tuesday.

I have a cold and on top of that I had a migraine yesterday. Fortunately, colds usually treat me pretty kindly (whereas they attack my husband fiercely) and my migraines are usually just the ancillary symptoms (I don’t get the actual headache part), so I’m not in bad shape. Could be better, but not bad. I expect by Friday I’ll be back to normal.
I missed a guest blog post I was supposed to do, primarily because I filed the appropriate email in the wrong email folder. Gah!

On the upside, the group website is down, and I wouldn’t have been able to post it should I have gotten it done on time anyway.

But I hate! flaking out on a commitment.
And I’m looking forward to Octopodicon in Norman this weekend.

I will, BTW, have copies of my book there (early, but I have Penguin’s permission) at Edge Books in the Scriptorium.


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