Care and Feeding of the Debut Author -12

12 days to go. I’m under two weeks. Seriously? When did that happen?

Right now I’m actually writing proposals for two books to hand to my agent. In my case this involves a synopsis and a few chapters of each one.

Synopses are among my least favorite things, which from what I hear is pretty normal. For me it’s because I know I’m presenting the best face of something, which makes me feel kinda….well, dirty. It’s salesmanship.

I have a degree in Marketing. This should be second nature. But sales were never my strong suit, and that’s what things like synopses, blurbs, and query letters are.

At the same time, it’s part of my job. It -must- be done.

So I’ve set book three aside for now and devoted this week to churning out the proposals.

Wish me luck!


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