OK, it’s definite: Eça de Queirós took liberties in his translation of King Solomon’s Mines.

For example, in one place where Quartelmal talks about meeting a witch, Eça de Queirós adds in that the woman is almost 100 years old. This isn’t in the English text at all. In one scene where Haggard mentions a bulldog, Eça de Queirós adds that the dog’s owner is Irish.

I’m not sure why Eça de Queirós is doing these things. I suppose he just thought that Haggard’s text needed a little more oomph.

If my stuff is ever translated, I’ll be curious to see what gets changed.

An additional thought: This is the ONLY book Eça de Queirós translated into Portuguese. Why this book? What is it about King Solomon’s Mines that made it worth translating?


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