The Golden City Giveaway and RT Review where I have “crackling banter”…

I’ve got another Giveaway for The Golden City running over at Goodreads, this time including UK, AUS, and Canada.

And here’s the worldwide one from LibraryThing.

I also picked up a copy of the November RT, which includes a review for the book (by Jessie Potts).

Unlike many fantasy novels that get mired in overly detailed worldbuilding, Cheney’s The Golden City pulls readers in right off the bat, as the story kicks off with our heroine in a desperate situation that will leave you rooting for her almost instantly. Oriana’s “extra” abilities are thoroughly intriguing and readers will love the crackling banter and working relationship between Oriana and Duilio. The only thing that had this reviewer stopping every so often was the occasional confusion brought on by elaborate words and character names, which can make it difficult to keep track of who’s who in the cast (though that may be a bit easier for seasoned fantasy fans.)

4/4.5 stars (What they rank as ‘page-turner’)

I will take ‘crackling banter’ any day. ;o)


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