Publication Process: Editing (Self Version)


Yes, this is where I am on Book 3 (which really needs a new title.)

It’s due to the publisher January 1, so in the next three months I have to turn a lousy first draft into a good solid third draft.

One of the things that my editor pointed out in Book 2 is that I repeated some of the reveals. How many times does the reader need to see PlotPointX? That’s a difficult question. If you only say something once, the reader might miss it. If you say it twice (or more), they might think you’re being redundant. So there must be a good way to say things 1.5 times.

Yeah, right.

So that’s what I’ll be struggling with for the next three months. I’ll be using paper print-outs for a lot of it, because I generally prefer to edit on paper. Not everyone does that.

It’s a different process for different people.

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