Care and Feeding of the Debut Author -40

I emailed a bit with my agent yesterday afternoon, mostly discussing reviews. Yes, reviews have been popping up of The Golden City for about a month now.

Not on Amazon yet, because they’re holding off on reviews (I think this is a recent policy), but over on Good Reads and LibraryThing. Those early reviews have been quite positive, so I can’t complain.

Most of my reviewers so far have been people who were given copies of the ARC rather than people who paid for the book, so that might skew the results favorably (I’ve never seen statistics on that.) But the “could NOT put it down” comment is heart-warming for a new writer.

Then again, we dread that first bad review showing up.

It will happen: that reader who paid out for the book yet found that they didn’t ‘get’ it; the reader who’s offended that I didn’t have my selkies match their perception of what selkies should be like, or the ‘mermaids’; the reader who’s up in arms that I completely altered the Portuguese royal family or altered history or got a street name wrong or slaughtered Portuguese naming rules…

I’m going to rub someone wrong, and they’re going to let me know it. I’m going to need to eat a cinnamon roll and watch a rom-com movie to cheer me up.

It’s not something to look forward to. But it’s part of the process.

(FYI, I know that RT Magazine gave me a nice review, but I don’t know yet about Kirkus or Publisher’s Weekly. Please send good thoughts for those reviews!)

I also discovered this week that my book is available for order at Walmart. I don’t know if this means it will show up in my local store, but it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy toward the Ace/Roc sales staff.

I know that a lot of people hate that store, but when I look at this in a selfish light it’s a good thing for my book’s sales. The cover that the art department put together is so awesome that I suspect some people will buy it just for that…Walmart customers who might not have purchased such a book elsewhere. So it’s good for me, despite the internal conflicts it raises.

And I continue with my edits on The Seat of Magic which is scheduled to come out July 2014.

I’m working a couple of hours a day at the Old School Bagel Cafe, where I can get unlimited coffee or tea and at the same time think that gimpy Penny is home resting. I wish she was healing faster. 😦

(She could also use good thoughts.)


4 thoughts on “Care and Feeding of the Debut Author -40

  1. poor Penny.
    I know people who say they don’t read reviews, good or bad, and I don’t understand those people. I think it’s good to be human about it — praise feels good, criticism stings — and also realize you can get something good out of a bad review. I know there have been some where I’ve been like, “Well, it’s a fair cop.” Others have made me take a deep breath and think, “clearly this was not the right book for that reader.”

    And then I have to console myself.

    1. I know what you mean. Some of them are just unfair. Others makes sense. One of them complains about the complicated Portuguese names…I get it. But they have NO idea how much I simplified Portuguese naming conventions in this book.

      I will, however, keep it in mind for the future.

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