Publication Process: How Many Times Do I Edit This Darn Thing?

So there it is, the manuscript after I’ve handled all the comments from my editor and agent. All the little tabs are gone.

And now it’s time for another pass.

This time (as opposed to Book 1) I’m going to make a new copy of the file, accept all changes and get rid of all comments, and then look at the thing again. I hope this will allow me to see any typos engendered by new edits, plus I’m going to go over this version with a Fine-toothed Continuity Comb (patent pending).

For The Golden City I was still finding continuity errors up to the galley stage. This was mostly due to the a) timeline of the story being compressed as per my first editor and b) my forgetting that the phases of the moon would have changed (which resulted in 14 edits alone during the Galley stage.) So embarrassing!

(Remember, it’s Edit 1, Edit 2, Proof, and Galley.)

Oddly, because The Seat of Magic was written first, the moon issue did crop up here, too…also due to that time compression above.

So my goals this next round?
1) Really make sure continuity is tight.
2) Address the editor’s ‘big picture’ issues regarding Spain.
3) Tighten up the climactic chapters near the end.

The last one is a bit difficult. The problem stems from groups of people being separated and learning information…and then having to share it. It’s really easy to get bogged down there…and I need to make sure that the same information isn’t told over and over again. The easiest way to do that is to read through it fast.

So that’s going to be my job next week. ;o)

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