Care and Feeding of the Debut Author -47

Yesterday, one of my friends (AKA Jaime Lee Moyer), had her debut novel come out. 10576071
I got my copy last night! Yay!
(BTW, I’m watching closely to see if she hits any weirdness…so I’ll know what to expect come November.)

Me? Well, I’m trying to get the edits on The Seat of Magic done. I suspect one more day on the comments left in the text, and then I’ll reprint the book and read it through to work on a couple of ‘big picture’ issues. I’m sure I’ll have this done well before the mid-November deadline, and will probably farm it out to a reader or two before turning it back in.

And my days are taken up currently by watching over Penny to make sure she doesn’t overdo. Al is no help with that, so much so that I’m thinking about sending him to daycare alone. I’ve also gone to the bagel cafe for the last couple of days to get in a couple of hours of editing. They actually know my name now.

Life is moving on.

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