Yesterday my hair stylist and I discussed fear for a bit. I recently threw out my hip reaching for a DVD case. She threw out her back letting the dog out at night. Just normal things we do all the time…and now we live in fear because we know something very simple triggered weeks of pain.

(My hip’s getting better, BTW. I think I’ll rest it for the full six weeks this time, though, because the reinjury actually hurt worse than the first injury.)

Being a writer is kinda like the metaphorical version of this.

We’re afraid to submit/pitch/read reviews because we’ve experienced rejection before and we know it hurts. One simple click triggered weeks of angst about our flaws and faults as writers…so the idea of going back for more is scary.

For the hip I’ll do some careful exercizes at first, but I have to get back out there. Even if I have to start of with plain old walking, I can’t let this injury keep me sitting on the couch for the rest of my life.

Same with the writing. You either get back out there, or you’ll be on the sidelines forever…


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