Publication Process: The Edit Letter, Part Deux

Today I got my edit letter for Book 2 The Seat of Magic.


Now, the edit letter can be a terrifying prospect but often by the time you get it, you’ve got enough distance to know some of the things that are wrong already. So, yes, I do need to clarify the underlying plot behind a murder. Yes, I need to clarify a few small points. But for the most part, nothing that my editor said surprised me.

That’s a good thing.

So for the next few weeks I’ll plunge head first into cleaning up the book. She’s asked for it back by mid-November, but I’m fairly sure I’ll have it done before the end of October. That will give me a couple of months to clean up Book 3 before its submission date (January 1)

The best part is that there’s nothing in the edits for Book 2 which will substantially change Book 3….

::sigh of relief::

But if I’m not around on-line, it’s because I’m buried under a giant pile of paper.

Also, I have the preliminary cover of The Seat of Magic.

But, of course, I can’t show it to you. Sorry.


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