Care and Feeding of the (Exhausted) Debut Author -61

Two months!!!!! EEK!

I’ve only set up one book signing and only a handful of blog visits and interviews. Surely I need to be doing more. MORE! Flail! Flail! Flail!

But today I’m too tired even to comtemplate that. After a few days of clean eating and good sleep I’m sure I’ll feel like tackling the social world again. I need to do some cleanup on my webpage.

I also need to figure out how to best set up a Group Page on Facebook. (This is for our new group Beyond the Codex. I want to have a group that
1) Only the primary members can post on, but
2) People can visit and Follow.
This will be related to our group blog (Beyond the Codex) and will also be echoed in a Twitter page (which I need to set up.)

If you know how to set up that particular type of page on FB, let me know or send me a link to an instruction page. (I have time. I’m going slow with the hope of getting it right at the outset.)

Also, if you know of a particularly good Book Blogger, I would love to check out their site. No, I’m not going to pester them about guest posts. We’re planning to have occasional Book Bloggers joins us over at Beyond the Codex, so I need to start compiling a list of awesome people to invite.

I mailed off ARC 5 today, leaving me one ARC for FenCon in early October. I’m hoping that for Octopodicon (first week in November) I will have some actual copies to give away…


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