Care and Feeding of the Debut Author (-89)

Yes, I’ve switched my numbering scheme. The other was too confusing, and this one my Countdown Clock keeps for me.

So I’m under 3 months. ARCs have gone out to reviewers and bookstores. A couple of supportive reviews have gone up on Goodreads (thanks!!!), and an early reader told me that one of my characters was a “complex asshole sort of guy”, which I take as a compliment. (With a nod to my first editor, KS, who pushed that.)

I’m past 75K on Book 3. I’m hoping to finish this draft before Worldcon (the 29th), which will give me 4 months to clean it up before deadline. I’ve been planning to hit 90K on this draft, but might go slightly over that. (Ultimate goal is <115K.)

The giveaways of ARCS of The Golden City continue:
30 available over atGoodReads
2 at LibraryThing.

Got my paycheck from HFQ for “The Nature of Demons” in the mail.

Despite all that, by the standards of a certain writer whose opinion has recently been slathered all over the internet, I am not a professional. Seriously? By my own standards, I AM a professional, and that’s good enough for me.


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