The Golden City ARCs are here!


Yes, I ended up with 6 ARCS. Two need to go to WorldCon and FenCon. (I should have real books by the time Octopodicon rolls around.)

The others are slated for reviewers, although one asked for the .pdf instead, leaving me with a copy to put up on LibraryThing (once I figure out how to do that.)

My publisher put up 30 copies in a giveaway on Goodreads. So if you’d like to take a run at one, the odds are pretty good.

Now, remember, these are Uncorrected ARCS, which means there are a few typos, as well as a slight missprint on the cover. Please be patient with me as I promote this over the next month. I’ll try to be discreet and not too annoying.

Speaking of promotion, Martha Wells has a snippet from her new Raskura novel here.

Also, I’m getting to read The Bone Flower Throne by T.L. Morganfield in advance. About halfway through and I’m loving it!


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