Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #-16

103 days to go…

Kay Kenyon posted today about the last 35 days until the debut of her newest novel, A Thousand Perfect Things and what she was doing to prepare.

Because she’s an experienced author (and an excellent one, to boot), her suggestions definitely give me something to think about. She’s clearly months ahead of me, but I’m going to heed her advice.

1)Prepping for a big blog tour….OK, I have a few blog posts set up, but it’s nowhere near BIG yet. So I definitely need to work on that.

2)Doing other social media stuff…I’m OK on that, but just OK. I’ve been planning on trying out the giveaway system on Goodreads, but haven’t gotten around to it. And I definitely need to use my FB Author Page more!

3)Getting signings set up…Not so good here. I’ve got tentative plans to do one in an OKC bookstore (with a friend) but I’m not sure anyone would bother to come see me, especially here in Oklahoma.

4)Making appointments to do stuff…Well, I’ve got WorldCon, Fencon, and Octopodicon still lined up. I’m definitely planning to do more cons next year, but this one’s been kinda lean…

5)Setting up a page on my web-site to share excerpts. Dude! I hadn’t even considered that yet. This is why I need to pay attention to more experienced writers like Kay!

I’ve gotten a request for an ARC from a reviewer I don’t know already. I do plan on giving copies to some reviewers I know, but the number of books I’ll have to give away is limited, and some are already earmarked for specific reviewers.

The main problem is that I actually don’t have any books to send. I don’t even know when I’ll have books to send.

I do know that they’re sending me some uncorrected galleys. I don’t know how many, I’m not sure when they’ll get here, and I don’t know how many…1? 5? I doubt it’s a gazillion. I’m told that the best thing to do is to let requests go to my publicist, who will have access to far more copies than I will. But I’m far enough away from publication that I don’t have a publicist yet, either…

So be patient, people. I’m really pleased you’re interested in reviewing my work!… I just can’t give you anything right now. But don’t give up on me!


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