Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #14 (or -17)

My countdown clock has failed, so I’m actually having to use Math. So….117 days to go!

I’ll cross 50K on Book 3 today. Any day now I’m expecting to get revision notes for Book 2. And I’m working out in 100 degree heat, but I think I’m almost caught up in the garden (pics tomorrow, I think).

In the Good News file, I’m going to get to read T. L. Morganfield’s The Bone Flower Throne before everyone else!!! Mwahahaha!!!

Also, I’m looking forward to reading Tiffany Trent’s The Tinker King. She’s doing a give-away to honor Tesla’s birthday here, wherein she will give away an ARC of the book. Since I’ve already preordered this book (Available here), I won’t be competing against you.

Now I need to turn OFF the internet. That 50K won’t happen by itself!

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