Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #13

I guessed on the 13. Totally.

So, 124 days to go. To me this looks like 4 months. In fact, if I count on my fingers, I AM getting 4 months.

Not much is going on here, other than I will say that my jewelry artist in Portugal has started working on the bookmarks I’m planning on giving out during various book debut drawings and readings. (Seriously, anyone who sits through one of my readings deserves at least a shot at a reward.) I sent the artist (Elizabeth Anjos, who runs Atrio over at Etsy) a copy of the book cover and she’s picking out tiles and ribbons to complement it.

I’ve chosen this artist because a) she’s working in Portugal, b) I’ve purchased her work before and love it, and c) she works with replicas of azulejos, the tiles that adorn the walls of many buildings in Portugal.

That may not mean anything to anyone else, but I hope that anyone who wins them will enjoy them, get lots of use out of them, (and be kindly disposed enough to speak well of my books.)

So that’s all I have on the table for this week’s update. I’ll post pictures as soon as she has the lot ready to go, but otherwise, I’m not interesting this week…


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