One of the things I didn’t know well when I started in on this contract was exactly how the timeline works. So in interest of helping others, I’ll let you look at what I’ve got so far. This is all pretty public knowledge, so I’m not giving away anything secret here:

May 11       Book deal approved (they were negotiating with my agent at this point.)
May 15       Book deal announced in Publisher’s Weekly
June 29      B1 edit letter received (due Oct 1)
July 3         Contracts mailed to me by agent, promptly read and returned
Oct 1          B1 turned in to new editor (I then went on vacation to Portugal/Spain)
Nov 1         B2 start work
Dec 4         B1 edit letter 2 received (due 60 days)
Dec 14       B1 revision returned to editor
Dec 15       B1 changes accepted, sent to proof (copy editing)

April 1         B2 turned in to editor
April 2         B3 start work
May 17        B1 copyedits (due May 29)
May 23        B1 copyedits turned in
June 1         B2 revisions expected from editor (due 60 days)
Nov 5          B1 debuts

Jan 1           B3 due to editor

Now, of course, schedules vary for each company, so this isn’t going to match other people’s experiences. But I thought I’d share ;o)  Also, I had an editor change during Book 1, which does happen.

Interesting to note: in April and May of this year, I was working on 3 different books. That means switching back and forth and trying to keep my head straight.

Any other details I should put in to this?

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