Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #10

Seriously? #10? Wow.

Well, 145 days to go. I’m under 5 months, but am too tired for panic to set in.

The tile installation really threw off my schedule, both blogging and writing. My word count in both arenas has been terrible for the last two weeks, but last night I finally crossed the 30K mark on Book 3 and I’m feeling the groove returning.

I’m thinking about holding off on watching one of my TV shows until I finish the 0 draft of this book. (The 0 draft is the lousy draft that has chronological holes and problems that I need to fix. When I’ve got those patched up…then I’m willing to call it the First Draft.) Since the summer season of this show (Falling Skies) is only six weeks, that would give me just enough time to work through the 0 draft. Then I can watch the TV show as a reward!

Well, that’s my plan.

And it’s good to have a plan.

I also wanted to mention another fall debut author here, Jamie Lee Moyer. Her book, Delia’s Shadow will come out in September. And she’s currently having a contest to give away ARCs of her book.

Give her contest a shot!

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