I’m currently writing the third book in this series, all set in 1902-03 Portugal (and Spain). Book 1 and Book 2 are already sold, and Book 3 is on option.

But I told my husband yesterday that I’m not planning any books past #3 in this series. I do intend to put out a couple of follow-up novellas, one involving Rafael and one involving Cristiano (yes, I know you don’t know who those people are.) But I haven’t plotted out any more novels in this series.

Admittedly, there’s lots of room to expand in this setting. I’ve got some great secondary characters who are full of mystery and would be a blast to write about. But I haven’t planned for them.

So this is beginning to look like the end of the tunnel for researching this setting.

That seems surreal.

My husband suggested that we go to Lisbon again next year (on the way to London), but that would be too late for research. It would only be for…well, fun.

That begs the question, “What are you going to do after Portugal?”

I’ve got a couple of series of novels outlined in second-world settings that I wouldn’t mind pursuing. And I also want to do that 1933 Saratoga Springs novel. But that’s all several months away.

So for now I’m still in the ‘researching Portugal’ tunnel. For now…

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