Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #7

166 days to go!

That’s 5 months +. No need to get lathered up about it yet.

But I’ve recently noted some things on my preorder pages that sent me into momentary panic. My prices went up! And my ranking went down! And I don’t even have time to run around tearing out my hair over this because I’m in the midst of copyedit for Book 1.

Deep Breath. Deep Breath.

OK, I’m calmer now. Yes, my B&N price and my Amazon price both went up, and my ranking went down. I don’t know which happened first, or if a cause-and-effect relationship exists at all. I also noted that I now have a Nook version on offer at B&N. That’s new since the last time I popped over there.

But life and promotion goes on. I’ve got a Tumbler now (jkathleencheney), but very little on that page so far. I’m also working on an interview with another writer. I’m being a good girl.

And I’m through the first pass of my copy edits. I hope that I learned something. I have some quibbles. I don’t know that I’ll remember all the little rules I’ve broken, but I’m going to try to be better about them next time. And while I clearly need to work on ‘awaken/woken’, I’m very proud that they didn’t find a single ‘lie/lay’ mistake! Victory!

Anyhow, I’m still here, plugging away at Book 1 and Book 3, and expecting to get the first round of edits for Book 2 any day now. Such is a writer’s glamourous life ;o)

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Catherine Schaffer’s post on “Convention Success for Shy Writers”

4 thoughts on “Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #7

  1. It’s a crazy cycle. Sometimes I feel like tearing my hair out between edits on various books and actually trying to write 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel less alone. Weird about the Amazon stuff though.

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