Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #6

173 days to go!

But it’s crunch time, so that doesn’t really matter.

Well, it’s not exactly crunch time, but it feels like it. At the top of my MSS for Book 3, I have a series of dates, each coupled with a goal wordcount:
-Friday 5/10, 30K
-Friday 5/17, 40K, etc…

The idea here is to pound out an initial draft of Book 3 with ample time to do a couple of revision passes. The book isn’t due until January 1, but I want the first draft done by the end of summer.

Well, after stressing for a week about my presentation at the DFW Writer’s Conference and traveling for several days (I have a bad track record of null wordcount while traveling), I reached 5/10 seriously behind my schedule. So now I’m pushing and pushing trying to catch up.

Let’s just say that I won’t hit the original goal on the 17th, and possibly not by the 24th, either (depending on how the whole tiling process goes down).

Now I’ve hit all my turn-in dates so far, and I don’t plan to miss this one. But I’m learning whether or not I can crank out a 115K book (from scratch) in 9 months. That’s what my agent and I set as our goal.

This is a weird thing for me. As a debut author, I’ve never had to do this with a deadline before. I’ve always taken novels pretty casually precisely because I wasn’t under contract. It’s a rather intimidating place to be when you’ve never done it before.

Will I make it? Will I be able to do this consistently? I guess we’ll find out…

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