Historical Fudgery: Costume Research Edition

When I talked about Historical Resources last week, one of the things I spoke of was resources for costume detail. So here are some of my suggestions and links:

Costume Books:
I actually own more than the ones shown here. But I wanted to show a few. The one on “Russian Elegance” and “Calico Chronicle” are the ones I paid Full Price (gasps!) for, because they were both newer and directly tied to something I was researching. I admit that I bought the rest used. I’m very partial to the work of John Peacock, by the way…

However, costume books tend to focus on the clothing of the wealthy–so keep that in mind while researching.

These are only useful if you’re researching some date after 1880 or so, but they are excellent for showing what the average guy or gal would wear. Off the Rack. Mail Order. Very useful. They also include the items your characters will have scattered about the house…

My favorite is the big 1902 Sears catalog, but to one side you also see the 1895 Harrod’s catalog. I’ve also been picking up a lot of 1930s resources, preparatory to researching that 1933 Saratoga Springs novel (with Patrick O’Donnell as an adult) that I’m hoping to write one day.

Now a LOT of websites out there chronicling certain periods, Victorian and Edwardian being very popular. There are also websites that sell historic costumes. So some of the ones I’ve used are:

1900s Dress
Gentleman’s Emporium
SCA Russian Dress
Clothing in Early Rus
Premier Design Historic Clothing
Victorian Web: What Victorians Wore
Victoriana Magazine
which also has a…
Regency Page
Regency Fashion
The Regency Fashion Page
A Regency Repository

And you could add yours…
I’m going to start a links list over on my website (not necessarily this week) so if you have other suggestions of prime websites for costume, feel free to put a link in the comments below (or over on my LiveJournal)

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