The Prisoner of Airedales

Yes, once again we’re heading back into ‘winter’ weather*, another cold snap and freeze coming, followed by rain (and mud). (Penny is bored.)

The dogs, if they had their druthers, would stand outside in the rain the whole time. I don’t let them, mostly because in early spring when the bermuda grass hasn’t come in, it’s a muddy mess outside. And we have white tile on the first floor.

This is one of the reasons we’re looking at getting rid of the white tile. After 13 years of dogs tracking in Red Oklahoma Dirt, the white tile looks blotchy, and the grout looks terrible. We figure a darker tile with a redder cast and dark grout would go far in hiding the mud. With light walls and lots of windows, we don’t think darker tile will make the place look small. And my floors won’t constantly look dirty. They might -be- dirty, it just won’t be as apparent.

We’re looking at this replacement tile, using this small mosaic in the back entryway and normal 12x12s for the remaining hallways and the kitchen. (The other rooms in the public areas have that faux-wood).

Because this will require a wet saw, I am not going to tackle it myself. We’d actually pay a pro to do this. Still in the formative stages, but this will probably be the ‘summer project.’

*Winter as defined by Texas standards, not Minnesota standards.

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