Care and Feeding of the Debut Author #2

One of the great drawbacks of being a debut author is that everything is new and strange. And you don’t know what things mean. (Assuming, of course, that there’s meaning at all.)

The Amazon price of my paperback has just dropped to $10.20. Nooooo, I’m already being discounted! What does that mean??? Low-level panic ensues…

Breathe slowly….breathe slowly….

OK, some careful research shows that the Faith Hunter book and the Charlaine Harris book releasing late fall have both been dropped to near the same price. I can breath more easily.

Some more careful research shows me that my Barnes and Noble pre-order page has popped up, with a price lower than Amazon’s was…and that must have triggered the price drop. Whew!

(The Nook version hasn’t shown up, but I expect it will since they’ve committed to Kindle.)

But that’s one hard part about being a debut author. Everything is a surprise, more or less.

So please be patient with your debut author. They’re prone to freaking out weekly ;o)

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