Cover Reveal: The Golden City

I woke this morning to find my cover already up on the internet (Amazon put up the pre-order page early) although it’s not supposed to be out for a week more. In fact, it has already appeared on the ‘Addicted2Heroines’ blog as well.

So, without further ado, Voilá!
goldencity_100dpi (1)

I have to admit, I was terrified that I wouldn’t like the cover when I got it, but this one is nearly perfect. My editor caught a wardrobe issue before they did the model shoot, which led to them using this dress….which I now want to own!

As for the model chosen, she’s amazingly close to the magazine clipping I used to represent Oriana when I was writing these novels:
oriana combo

This could almost be the same model!

It’s amazing, and that’s all I have to say ;o)

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