Publication Process: Deadlines

As I come up on my April 1 deadline, more and more things go by the wayside. I’m trying to keep balance, but seriously? Editing or taxes? Editing or blogging? Editing or the gym?

After that deadline, I’ll take a day off to do some personal stuff, but then I have to dive right back in to Portugal and start on Book 3. I have 9 months to do that….no problemo, right?

Well, it’s not really nine months. Somewhere in there I’ll get a set of proofs for Book 1. I’ll probably have to edit Book 2 twice….at least. That takes time away from the writing. And I have cons to go to, plus the DFW Writer’s Conferenece coming up fast.

And then there’s real life: the yard, the house, the dogs, the husband.

Back in the dark ages before I had a book contract, I watched my friends and aquaintances get contracts, and suddenly their blogging fell off, they started working through cons instead of hanging out at the bar, and they suddenly disappeared into a black hole where none of their former social ties could reach them.

Now I’m in that black hole myself. I had such good intentions of keeping up with everything. But I feel underwater half the time these days.

I suppose one day writers get accustomed to working with deadlines. I just haven’t reached that point yet.

Do you work under contract deadlines? Does it make it easier or harder?

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