Publication Process: Synopses

This is one of the necessary evils of writing fiction–you often have to provide a synopsis or multiple synopses for your 115K book. Sometimes only one or two sentences.

I know people who do this before they write the book. I don’t. I put it off until I absolutely have to do it.

When you’re pitching your work, you may have to write several. 2-page. 3-page. 5-page. It all depends on what the agent/editor/sales dept wants. I was asked by my editor to provide a 2-3 paragraph one a couple of months ago.

I love writing fiction, but I stink at synopses. They are a completely different animal (as are query letters). They require that I don’t explore anything, don’t get to show the sparkly, don’t get to have any fun.

Ugh. Does anyone enjoy writing these?

But it’s part of the game, something we just have to force ourselves to do.

Anyhow, here are a couple of ‘how to’ pages, although I don’t think anyone covers it all
Fiction Writers Connection
Help for Writers

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