Historical Fudgery: Even the Best Make Mistakes

One of the things that I am hunting in my Historical Fudgery series is instances where writers got it wrong.

So today I will mention here one of my favorite mistakes: Hazard by Jo Beverley.

Now I’ll first start off by saying that Beverley is one of the few Regency Historical writers I read. In fact I followed her from Regency Romance over to Regency Historical. The writers in RR generally know their stuff, but back when this book was written (2002, I think), internet databases and information weren’t as developed as they are now.

So in the author’s note for this book, Beverley relates how she made a mistake…and then had to scramble to redeem it.

She gave a Regency-period character the surname de Vere.

Some of you will recognize that name right away. Most of you won’t. I know it because I sat through a gazillion Shakespeare classes when I got my degree in English. But if a person with that name showed up during the Regency period, there would have been a small furor every time he entered a ballroom.

The whole point of this is that in the book Hazard, which features this character, she works out an elaborate way for this character to carry about a sensational name…all in an effort to catch up to her mistake.

Nowdays we can google character names to see if anything weird turns up, and hopefully avoid the handwavium.

But it’s good to gracefully admit your mistake as well. ;o)
This is, BTW, my absolute favorite of her books, and I totally bought the handwavium explanation. So Kudos to Jo Beverly for doing it right….

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