Publication Process: Waiting

Get used to it.

OK, I’ll say a bit more. One of the things that writers experience along the way to publication is the waiting for permission to announce things they know, but haven’t been given permission to share. This is just part of the job. You make a sale…but you can’t announce it until…Friday. Or November.

That’s why you see all those authors talking about a Super Sekrit Sekrit that they can’t give specifics on. Or they have art….but don’t have permission to share it. We want so badly to share our good news.

But we have to wait.

I have my cover art for my book. But I don’t have permission to show it to you. I want to. I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE it.

And as soon as I get permission, I’ll share.

But until then, you have to wait, too. Sorry.

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