Publication Process: Revisions

Since I’ve turned in The Golden City, I’ve turned my attention to Novel 2: The Seat of Magic. I wrote this novel first, so it’s already complete, but…

…every time we made a change to Novel 1, that created changes that would ripple through TSOM. A few plot secrets got pushed forward into TGC, meaning that the clever reveals in TSOM are now invalid. In addition, Duilio got to know some of the characters in TSOM better than he did in the original version, so his discussions and attitiudes with/about them will all be changed.

And I figure that the first three chapters can be dumped. Yeah. That’s the fun of hitting the revision stage. Over the hoidays I will be rewriting the outline of this book. FOr me this is an important step. I’m not much of a pantser, so I rely heavily on my outline to keep me on target.

Fortunately it’s work that can be done amidst distraction, so I should make progress despite festivities. ;o)

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