Now the WorldCon Report…

I have to admit that I had a blast at WorldCon, although after a couple of days I was exhausted. This was not due to partying, but rather because I wear down quickly when I’m socializing.

However, I did -do- a lot of stuff. I did four panels (two of which I moderated) with pros like Gene Wolfe, Mike Moscoe (Shepherd), Alan Steele, and Martha Wells. I did the BU reading, and got to exchange cards with Tate Hallaway, among others, and listen to a bunch of other broads (Carol Berg!!! Cat Rambo!!!). I got Cat Rambo’s newest collection Near + Far signed!!!, and Hugh Howey gave me a copy of his book Wool (I meant to -buy- one from him, honest, but…so I’ll just buy one online and give it to a friend.) I met a lot of writers I’d only known on-line before, I ate with several cool people, and got to meet my editor’s boss (more below).

I was addressed in Portuguese by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, to which my brain supplied no response. D’oh. I understood what he said….but just stood there gawping. Doesn’t bode well for my trip to Portugal. I also got to sit down with Sue Burke and talk about my upcoming visit to Madrid.

And I got to catch up with a lot of old friends, like Christopher Kastensmidt, Al Bogdan (my WOTF twin), and Traci Morganfield. And I got to see a lot of the Codexians, although not enough of them. A lot of people I saw only in passing for a second or two….and some I never saw at all, despite knowing they were there… somewhere.

After hanging out in the bar for a while, the husband and I went back to our room and watched the Hugos via Twitter while catching an episode of Inspector Lewis on the telly.

My meeting with my editor’s boss went smoothly enough, although she probably thinks I’m nuts now. She told me that I was definitely ‘Fantasy’ and that my writing reminded her of Paul Volsky’s (AKA Paula Brandon), which gave me, for the first time, a true ‘comparable’. I like Volsky’s work, so that kind of helps my brain to mentally sort out -my- work. Cool.

She left not long after Robert Silverberg! came by the table and shook all our hands, but I got to sit there afterward with Wesley Chu, Matt Forbeck, Elizabeth Vaughan and a lot of the Strange Chemistry crew. It was kinda surreal.

Then again, most cons seem kinda surreal.

OK, I know I’ve left out a bunch of people and a bunch of stuff, but that’s all I remember right now. Gotta go to the grocery store. The glamorous life of the writer continues….

(I will add here that I felt the con ran very smoothly. Kudos to the ChiCon7 crew. It would have been -perfect- if they could have made the hotel layout more sensible, but that wasn’t really in their power, was it?)

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